Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Studies of Welfare Society and Social Policies

Studies of Welfare Society and Social Policies belongs to the Division of Sociology at the Graduate School of Human Sciences. We take an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to social policies and social services that affect people’s needs and quality of life.

Our research and teaching areas include:

  • Social policies and social services in areas such as elderly care, children’s services and support for people with disabilities
  • Issues of inequality, social disadvantage, social justice and how institutions affect them
  • Citizen participation in social service provision through third sector organizations, such as voluntary organizations and cooperatives


Professor:Yayoi Saito
Associate Professor:Chikako Endo

Visiting Professor:Victor A. Pestoff/ Ersta Sköndal College University, SWEDEN (April 2014-)

Guest Associate Professor:Aya Mizutani/ Secretary-general, Osaka Voluntary Action Center (OVAC)
Guest Researcher/ Lecturer: Tsukasa Yamaguchi/ Director, Olympia Hyogo Eldercare Center

Secretary:Kyoko Toguchi