Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Studies of Welfare Society and Social Policies

The current research projects

(1) Social Enterprise as Medical and Elder Care Provider (Research Project with V.Pestoff)

JA Koseiren and Medical Coop in Japan are quite unique as health care provider. They provide not only care services but also social value for community. We visited and interviewed nine organizations (JA Koseiren and Medical Coop) in Japan in 2013. We plan to do questionnaire research for these organizations to evaluate their contribution for community and society. Our research is ongoing.
(Supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, the JSPS and Osaka University)

(2) Comparative Study of Elder Care Work (Scandinavian countries, Germany and Japan)

Elder care system in Scandinavian countries has given a great influence on Japanese elder care policies. This project did a questionnaire survey for elder care workers using the questionnaire of Nord Care Research which was conducted by Prof. M. Szebehely (Stockholm Univ) in 2005. We analyzed the data and found differences and similarities from the results. Our analysis is ongoing.
(Supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, the JSPS)